welcome to policy australia

Policy Australia Pty Ltd combines knowledge of the law, policy frameworks, technology and the political environment to help you achieve your commercial outcomes.


policy australia — principled policy engagement.

We can:

  • analyse the policy and political environment relevant to your organisation
  • provide insight into policy formulation and the best way to participate in government decision making
  • keep you up to date with policy developments that may affect your business
  • prepare submissions to government
  • develop a government engagement strategy
  • help you prepare for meetings with government or parliamentary hearings


policy australia — the link between the government and your board room.

We can:

  • advise you on the legal and political environment in which key strategic decisions are made
  • provide policy input into the development of corporate strategic plans, priority setting and identifying company performance targets
  • support your scenario planning to identify threats and opportunities arising from policy announcements or market trends.


policy australia — delivering legal advice that “gets it”.

We get the technology, the online environment, the drivers behind the policy decisions that affect your business and the legal input you need for your strategic planning.

Our clear, easy to read legal advice helps you to:

  • understand the interaction between new technologies and the law
  • navigate often extremely complex technical questions about how the law applies to emerging technologies and internet business models
  • if the law is unclear, perform a sensible risk analysis to decide whether your objectives can be met.


policy australia – understanding technology.

Policy discussions about technology can often be as much about technical education as they are about policy principles.

We don’t claim to be computer scientists, but we have embraced our inner geek. You’ll benefit from the experience of advisors who know their ROM from their RAM and who can use the word “cache” in a sentence.

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