Carolyn Dalton on Australia’s site blocking legislation


Carolyn Dalton examined Australia’s site blocking legislation in this article for Hogan Lovells’ Global Media and Communications Watch

You can also find handy links to the bill and associated documents on our resource page.

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Australian Government set to address online copyright infringement

Carolyn Dalton has written an article for Hogan Lovells’ Global Media and Communications Watch on the Australian Governments recent announcement on tackling Online Infringement.

The Australian government has recently announced new initiatives to address concerns about online copyright infringement.  A frequently asked questions (FAQ) document about the reforms was also released.  There were two key planks to the announcement:

  1. A call to industry to develop a new industry code within 120 days, or face new binding regulatory arrangements to address online piracy; and
  2. Amendments to the Copyright Act 1968 (Copyright Act) will be made to enable rights holders to apply for a court order requiring ISPs to block access to websites operated outside of Australia which provide access to infringing content (usually referred to as ‘site blocking’).

You can read Carolyn’s full article here.

Google snippets ruling welcome


Policy Australia’s own Anne Flahvin on the NSW supreme court decision to permanently stay a “defamation by search engine” claim against Google

Google snippets ruling welcome

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Anne Flahvin on free speech and blasphemy laws


Recent controversy over the film the Innocence of Muslims video has generated a global discussion as to what the limits of freedom of speech ought to be when it comes to criticism of religious beliefs and icons.  Policy Australia’s Anne Flahvin discussed these issues in The Australian newspaper today. 

Blasphemy law doesn’t apply to Muslims

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Policy Australia’s Carolyn Dalton on advisory committee to ALRC copyright review


Policy Australia is pleased that Carolyn Dalton will be joining a distinguished advisory committee to advise the Australian Law Reform Commission as it conducts its review into the appropriateness of copyright exceptions in the digital environment.

Members of the advisory committee are listed here.

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